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Empire Studios | Mixing | Mastering | Metal


When producing an album I see my role, besides tweaking the knobs, as a helping hand for all related questions such as sound, arrangement etc.


While recording your music it's more than helpful to have a second pair of ears overseeing the process and having a more objective look at every detail.


You might not be able to see all those details while diving into your performance. Catching the moment is the point.


That's what we are here for!



Some of you might have the possibility to record parts of your music at home, or have already recorded your stuff at another studio. In this case you might wish to consider me to mix your music. Yes of course. Get in touch with me and I will let you know how this works.

We are also available for mastering your music.

A large studio server provides quick access to your songs from anywhere on this planet.


Get in touch and I'll let you know details.

Empire Studios



Todays production needs are so different that I decided to not offer a rate here. Let me know your details and needs and I'll calculate a production package rate especially for you.You won't get in trouble if it takes longer than expected!

In case I want to involve myself into your music more than usual there's an option to sign a production deal with me and the benefit of me sharing the costs. Let´s talk about it guys!

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